poly flip books


Poly is a series of three flip-books photographed by Silvano Zeiter, published as a compliment to the film CHROMA with Severin van der Meer.

Limited to 300 copies, POLY books are a limited edition-release, hand-numbered by Silvano Zeiter.

Photography by Silvano Zeiter

Design by Boris Stoll

Text by Alexander Tank

Featuring Severin van der Meer, Lars Popp, Christian Haller & Arthur Longo

About the artist:

Originally from a quaint village nestled in the Swiss Alps and now living in Zurich, Silvano transmutes experience and culture into imagery that leaves us lost in thought, awe and intrigue. With a visceral approach to photography, Silvano captures a textural feel; heightening senses outside of eyes and welcoming us to step inside the photograph itself. His interpretation of light evokes memories and nostalgia whilst an excitement of wonder seemingly unfolds. A nod to the rich, mountain heritage of the Alps, paired with a contemporary and provocative eye, gives Silvano's work a depth that often blurs the lines of imagination and reality.

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