Name: Macarena Tais Valle

D.O.B: 09/02/1996

Nationality: Argentinean / Italian

Home Mountain: Laax, Switzerland

Favourite terrain: Powder runs with windbreaks and jumps

Snowboarding since: 2004

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I grew up in a small town called San Martin de los Andes, surrounded by the Andes Mountains and very close to the border with Chile, so rain and cold was always a part of the normal forecast. My dad was a tattooer and opened up a skate 'n' snow 'n' tattoo shop with my mom, which was always full of teenagers and people skating, and this  ultimately determined my choice to get into snowboarding. I started skiing when I was around 4 years old, but I always knew it wasn’t the right thing for me, so as soon as my local ski club “allowed” me to switch to riding sideways I did, and I haven’t stopped since. 

Snowboarding opened up a completely different world to what I thought was possible as a South American child. I come from a place that is far away from everything. I started competing and got pretty good at it from a young age. From there, I was able to travel the world doing what I love most; it was a big time dream.

This perspective eventually brought me to Switzerland, which made me fall in love with the place and the people straight away. In the end it’s not so different from where I grew up with the weather, small communities, mountains, and of course the cold, so that’s what inspired me to move there. I call Laax and Zürich my home away from home, it really feels like this for me. 

Now after all these experiences I have come to the realization that being better than somebody else was never my thing, but becoming a better version of myself is always possible. So now settled between Switzerland and Italy (where my family roots come from) working in  the cinema industry, I realized I want to do more of this and mix it with snowboarding, filming and creating projects which inspire others and hopefully make you think and reflect. That’s my goal.



Growing up amongst the  trees with not so many people around made me a bit of a hermit, so the outdoors feels like a safe place that I’ve learned to share with others and really enjoy. I used to always feel the FOMO, wanting to spend as many days and hours in the mountains snowboarding as possible and trying to catch the freshest snow, best tracks and best sunsets. Now I appreciate taking my time, getting grounded, and deciding when to go up riding, or simply enjoying nature in any way.



I‘ve always been an energetic person so I enjoy almost every sport I try, especially the ones where I can feel adrenaline kicking in. I've been getting into surfing and spending time in the water during summer with my boyfriend. He really gets me pumped about most things I can do, and I love to share these moments together. 

Spending most of my time between Rome and Zürich, gave me the space and time to open up a bit more to who I am outside of the mountains, and also try new things out. Now I'm trying to channel this, reflecting on “sparky” moments in my riding, poetry and how I see and live life in general. 

I want to keep exploring this side of things and put together an interesting snowboarding film project which shows this new vision I've been developing.