Lars Popp Bio Potrait

D.O.B : 31.07.1997

Home Mountain: Laax, Lenzerheide

Snowboarding Since: 2004

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I grew up in the region of Zurich.

I think it was around 2004, at the age of 7 when I first strapped into some bindings, and even some years before that when I tried to skateboard down a snowy hill with a piece of wood strapped on with some jump-ropes. Reading my brothers’ snowboard-magazines sure had a big impact on my early days of snowboarding, reading printed magazines and watching videos actually still hypes me up these days. The friendships and the good times that I gained throughout the years also keep me wanting to go back into the mountains.

I can’t say where I want to go with my snowboarding, I don’t think there’s an ultimate destination. I just want to keep snowboarding, and if I somehow motivate people to do the same, that’s beautiful.    



My perspective on snowboarding for sure evolved throughout the years.

Starting with the over-stoked kid, dreaming of being like the big guys in the videos, to full-commitment, going to sports-school, training, competing, where I had very good times, but where I also started to struggle with the feeling of having to snowboard, having to perform and losing joy.

Luckily I found the stoke again. To back down from riding contests probably gave me a more sustainable way of joy, opening up new doors.

Today, snowboarding is something I really like to do, and luckily am able to do quite often. It’s fun, challenging, playful, gives you exercise, gives you friends, fresh air, injuries and good times.



Away from snowboarding, I skate a lot, with friends and with the young boys and girls from Zurich. I like to read, I like the city, I enjoy spending time with friends, family, loved ones. I work more during summer, in different genres. Besides earning money, to find out what I’m interested in and what I care about, to maybe study one day, or find work that suits me well for a longer period of time.

The balance between those things and snowboarding is important to me. I like living in the city, I like being in the mountains, and I really enjoy being able to do both at the moment. The fact that I need to work besides snowboarding makes snowboarding something I don’t have to do, but can. This, for me, takes out some seriousness and gives it more lightness and joy, and I think this affects the way I snowboard.