Points System and Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully through the points system and terms & conditions below before submitting your application to become an ambassador.

Points System

FW ambassador program

Terms and conditions

By [submitting your application / clicking “I agree”], you agree to the terms and conditions of this FW Ambassador Program Agreement between you and FW (“FW”). You agree to be legally bound by and comply with these brand ambassador terms and conditions, including all applicable policies.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, click “I do not agree” and do not submit the application. If at any time, you no longer wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you must immediately provide written notice to FW.

As used in these terms and conditions, “You” or “Your” shall mean the individual who is applying to be a brand ambassador for FW.

By submitting Your application and participating in the Program, You agree as follows:

If selected by FW, You will become a brand ambassador (“Ambassador”) for products offered and sold by FW. Your performance as an Ambassador is subject to these terms and conditions, and any separate agreement FW may require you to execute as well as any FW policies, standard operating procedures or guidelines provided to you from time to time (collectively, the “Ambassador Terms”).

1. Eligibility. To enroll in the program, you must complete and submit the online application. Initial approval of Your application does not mean that all information or actions set forth in the application comply with the Ambassador Terms, and it is Your continuing duty to ensure Your compliance. We may reject Your application and/ or dismiss You from the Program at any time at our sole discretion.

2. You must provide Your full and accurate legal name, a valid email address and any other information required to complete the application for the Program. You will only provide true and accurate information to FW, and will update any such information as necessary to ensure that such information is kept complete and accurate. You will not use any “bot” or other automated method to enroll or participate in the Program.

3. You acknowledge and agree that You meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the Ambassador Terms.
  • You are eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  • You maintain and actively use an account on at least one form of social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube, which have been approved by FW (collectively, “Approved Media”). Your accounts on Approved Media are referred to as “Accounts.”
  • You are in compliance with all Ambassador Terms.

4. Responsibilities. You agree to use Your best efforts to market and promote the FW products on Your Accounts (the “Promotional Services” or the “Services”) in a manner consistent with that authorized by FW, including but not limited to the following:

  • Advertise the FW brand and products to Your community
  • Encourage browsing on the FW website
  • Give product advice to Your community and communicate friction points to FW
  • Bring to FW’s attention any event, competition or demo in Your area that could be of interest
  • Perform Services as required to earn a sufficient number of points to pay back the product given to You, as outlined in the “Points System” above.

FW reserves the right to accept on a case by case basis if the Ambassador suggests alternative Services not listed under the “Points System” that could provide similar promotion of FW products and/or brand.

5. Compensation. You will not receive compensation in cash value. You will instead be eligible to order $2’000 worth of free product from the FW collection, which You shall pay back by accruing points as outlined by FW in the points system. Your product order is subject to stock availability and FW’s agreement. FW reserves the right to recall products and/or terminate the Ambassador Agreement if You do not meet the points requirements by June 1st of each year.

6. Conduct. As an FW brand ambassador, You agree to:

  • Protect the brand image and act professionally
  • Regularly check in with FW and inversely
  • Promote the FW brand and its products to Your community
  • Not resell or gift any of the products You receive as an ambassador to other individuals. They are for Your use only.

7. Expected behavior in relation to FW retailers. You agree to:

  • Respect all FW retailers in Your area
  • Happily encourage people to visit FW retailers instead of/in addition to the FW website if they wish
  • Any behavior harming or potentially leading to harming our retailer relationship will result in immediate termination of this agreement Independent Contractor.

8. By entering into the Ambassador Terms, You agree that:

  • You are customarily engaged in an independent business providing marketing and brand ambassador services, and are not an employee of FW. Therefore, You are not entitled to any benefits provided by FW to its employees, including, without limitation, worker’s compensation benefits or group insurance. Nothing in the Ambassador Terms should be construed to create an employer-employee relationship or any other relationship other than that of an independent contractor.
  • FW will not have control or exercise direction over the methods by which You perform the Services. You are responsible for creating content and determining when Your Content will be shared, with the exception of time-sensitive projects as identified by FW
  • You understand and agree that FW will not withhold or make payments for social security, unemployment insurance or disability insurance contributions on Your behalf. You agree to indemnify and defend FW against any and all such taxes or contributions. You are also responsible for all costs, liabilities and expenses You may incur in connection with performing Services under the Ambassador Terms.

9. Term; Termination. The term of the Ambassador Terms shall begin upon written acceptance of Your application by FW and continue for 1 year (12 months), with the Services and Term subject to reasonable adjustment or extension in FW’s discretion. The Ambassador Terms may be terminated by FW immediately at any time, with or without cause, upon FW’s written notice to You; and by You immediately upon written notice by You to FW. Ambassadors who do not follow the applicable requirements can be subject to termination or suspension at any time.

10. Ambassador agrees not to endorse or perform services for any brand that is used to market any products falling within the same category as FW: Outdoor Sports & Athletic Apparel, including Outerwear, Mid Layers, Base Layers and Tech Wear.

11.Third Parties. FW recognizes that, as an independent contractor, You are available to perform services for entities other than FW. You agree to notify FW of any other arrangements. Moreover, You warrant and represent that there is no conflict or potential conflict of interest between Your performance of Services under the Ambassador Terms and the performance of services under other contracts for services or as an employee of other entities and will ensure that no such conflict arises. Without limiting the foregoing, You agree to promptly notify FW if and when You are engaged to perform substantially similar services with respect to a competing brand of products.

12. Indemnity. You will at all times defend, indemnify and hold harmless FW (including, without limitation, all related and affiliated entities and their respective directors, officers, shareholders, agents and representatives) from and against any and all claims of whatever nature, including without limitation: (i) any violation of Law committed by You or Your agents; and/ or (ii) Your participation in the Program, and/ or Your breach of any obligation, representation or warranty set forth in the Ambassador Terms. Your obligation to indemnify and defend FW as set forth in this Section shall include reimbursement of any and all legal fees and related costs and expenses incurred by FW in connection with any such claim.

13. Limitation of Liability. FW will not be liable to you under any legal or equitable theory for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages (including, without limitation, loss of revenue or goodwill or anticipated profits or lost business), even if FW has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Further, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Ambassador Terms, in no event shall FW’s cumulative liability to you arising out of or related to the ambassador terms, whether based in contract, negligence, strict liability, tort or other legal or equitable theory, exceed the total commissions paid to you under the ambassador terms.

14. Modification. FW may change the Ambassador Terms in the future. Unless the Ambassador Terms or Law specify/(ies) otherwise, we will give You thirty (30) days prior notice of any significant change to the Ambassador Terms. If You find the change unacceptable, You have the right to terminate the Agreement. However, if You continue to receive the benefits of the Agreement after the end of the notice period of the change, You will be considered to have accepted the changes. You may not modify the Ambassador Terms by making any typed, handwritten, or any other changes to them for any purpose.