Re:Down - Insulation for the future

Our ethos

FW garments incorporate materials that are proven to be both durable and functional, to increase a garments lifetime and reduce its overall environmental impact. To achieve this our Quality + Sustainability team work closely with R&D to ensure our garments utilise sustainably sourced materials without compromising quality and functionality.

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What is Re:Down?

 This material is the sustainable choice for mid-winter puff layers. The insulation is 100% recycled, composed of 80% Recycled Down and 20% Recycled Feathers. Re:Down is featured in our Men’s and Women’s ROOT Down Jacket.

Why Re:Down?

Down materials are sourced through bird feathers due to their excellent insulating properties. Virgin down relies on healthy bird stock; however the uncertainty of bird flu outbreaks has led certain manufacturers to adopt unethical practices towards birds ranging from force feeding, to live plucking and cruel slaughter conditions.
Re:Down seeks to solve this issue by repurposing post-consumer down and feathers, removing the need for new animal input while maintaining the incredible thermal properties of regular down.

sustainably sourced

for a future wild

Looking Forward

 Re:Down embodies the circular business model FW strives to achieve, repurposing material rather than starting from scratch, reducing unnecessary waste going to landfill and maintaining premium quality standards.
To find out more about Re:Down and their practices click the following link. If you’re interested in Re:Down, checkout our ROOT Down Jacket below, in Men's and Women's cuts.

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