Sam Sandiford

May 12 2022


bearded man wearing black jacket in front of mountains

We are excited to welcome Alek Oestreng as the latest rider to join the FW team. We caught up with Alek to learn more about his perspective on snowboarding and where he gets his inspiration on the mountain.

Alek, welcome to the FW team! How has winter been for you?

Thank you. My winter has been fun. Unfortunately, it has not been the best snow year in the home range, but I have still gotten to snowboard a lot and spent some time exploring new places.

Where is home?

I live just outside of Oslo, Norway, but in the winter I spend most of my time in Hemsedal.

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Over the years your riding has transitioned and evolved. What does snowboarding represent to you today?

Growing up close to the city meant we had smaller hills and our focus was on the freestyle side of snowboarding. I still love riding jumps and transition, but these days I find joy in spending my time in the mountains and riding whatever it has to offer.

What inspires and influences your riding the most?

I take inspiration from a lot of different places. Some days I find inspiration in old snowboard films and other days I get inspired by the mountains and my surroundings.

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This partnership has been some time in the making. What are some of the elements that you think drew this collaboration together?

In the very beginning I was attracted to FW from seeing the product. Simple yet technical pieces, built to last for the lifestyle I live. I quickly learned that I have a lot of natural parallels to FW. We share values and passions and I feel appreciated for what I can, and try to, offer. It makes me proud to ride for FW and I am to excited work with so many likeminded people.

You do a lot of skating in the off season, what parallels do you draw between skating and snowboarding? How does your skateboarding influence your snowboarding and vice versa?

To me skateboarding is a really nice way to balance out snowboarding. It has a lot of similarities like being active, using your imagination and moving with your surroundings. When I was younger, I would definitely try to emulate skateboarding tricks in snowboarding and the other way around. These days I don’t put too much thought into tricks, but just enjoy the act of skating.

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Are there any principles or mantras that serve as guide posts for you day-to-day?

It is hard to narrow it down to a sentence without sounding too cliché. I think the main thing for me is always trying to appreciate the here and now. We humans have a tendency of always wishing for better and more, so being thankful for where I am and what I have in this moment is important to me.

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