Charlie Donnelly

October 24 2019

FW Thinking: Repair Program

FW partner LWARB (London Waste & Recycling Board) promotes and encourages the production of less waste, and the increase in proportion of waste that is re-used or recycled. As part of LWARB’s focus on sustainability in fashion, the group interviews our Quality & Sustainability Manager, Sara Asmoarp, to highlight our take on circular business and clothing repair.

Listen to the the full interview here:

As part of our emphasis on sustainable business, we are focused on keeping products out of landfill. We create products that are fit for purpose and built to last, yet if a garment wears out after extensive use or rips or tears unexpectedly, we always aim to repair rather than replace.

This mantra is aimed at extending the lifetime of our products and in the long term, working towards a circular business model. This circular business model begins with designing garments that can be repaired, and also facilitating a robust repair system. In the event that a FW garment rips or tears unexpectedly, we’ll cover the cost of repair. If an issue arises from normal wear and tear and falls outside of the warranty period, we’ll facilitate the repair, but the customer is responsible for covering the cost. In both situations, it is our intent to deliver a “good as new” garment to the customer, so that the product life cycle continues.

According to C40 (a network of 90 cities around the globe committed to reducing emissions), people are buying 60% more clothes than they did fifteen years ago. Additionally, people are keeping their clothes for half as long as they once did. C40 asserts that in order to adhere to the targeted 1.5% temperature rise outlined in the IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming, consumers need to reduce their clothing purchases to 3-8 pieces per person, per year.

FW is striving to help fans to buy less and keep their clothing out of landfill by creating quality outdoor gear that is built to last and also built to repair.

RG Leder – European Repair Facility Our European Repair Facility – RG Leder – is a family business that works with Norrona, Burton and Peak Performance. In addition to working with these outdoor apparel heavyweights, RG Leder produces lederhosen and works with motorbike apparel repair. The company specializes in repairing tears, whole fabric sections, zippers, liners and waterproofing garments. They have the highest standard of outerwear repairs, returning garments, as new, to our FW fans.

Japan Repair Facility – HiTech

US Repair Facility – Rainy Pass

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