Matthew Bourne

November 05 2019


All images and words by FW resident photographer, Oskar Hall.

There's more gold found in Autumn than in any other season, which is surely the case in this instance. The colour palette currently on display up in the Mauvoisin Massif is something to behold - from fiery oranges to camo greens, and everything in between - Mother Nature is definitely feeling the Halloween spirit.

A break in the clouds meant that I had a window of opportunity to get myself out into the wild and capture the fleeting colours of fall. Cold weather fronts from the north have irregularly dusted our peaks with snow, rendering an unimaginable landscape of seasonal contrast, showing a hint of what is to come.

Winter is right around the corner, yet while we wait impatiently for those bottomless powder days, there is something truly unique about this golden landscape that is about to endure it's yearly transformation.

The following images are a mix of aerial & still photography showcasing the last explosions of color before a sea of white takes over. Autumn has been great, although I can't wait for the next chapter.

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