5 actions to keep our Future Wild

On April 22 1970, routine oil spills, suffocating smog and polluted rivers brought 20 million people to the streets to protest a global environmental crisis, marking the very first Earth Day. Fifty-one years later, the fight for our planet’s prosperity continues.

Now, with an end to the pandemic in sight and plans for recovery being laid out, the theme of this year’s Earth Day is Restore our Earth.

As the world returns to normal, we can't go back to business-as-usual. We’ve put together a list of 5 actions you may have undertaken during lockdown and should continue with to keep our Future Wild:

Running. Biking. Power walks around the block. A short list of approved activities this year had us relishing time outdoors. Turn off the TV, shut down your laptops, and keep making the most of the natural world.

As the world opens up, consider keeping with your adjusted timetable – try engaging in ‘active travel’, and head to work on foot or by bike. For holidays, steer clear of airports: book in a scenic train journey, or pack a tent and discover the hidden gems on your doorstep.

A little research goes a long way. In addition to shopping less and choosing higher quality products, look into the sustainability practices of your favorite brands. There are a number of independent verification organizations which will do the legwork for you. At FW, we always aim to be as transparent as possible around the materials used in our garments. Many of these are Oeko-Tex® and Bluesign® approved - independent organisations responsible for the verification of sustainable textile production practices. Learn more in our FAQs.

One of the most sustainable actions we can take as individuals is to make the stuff we use last longer, thereby reducing our overall consumption. If you’re more likely to delegate than do-it-yourself, the local tailor is a handy and cost effective alternative. For FW products, you can get repairs done free of charge through our Repair Program.

As important as our individual actions are, voting for environmental government policy is the easiest and most effective action you can take for the planet. Within hours of the 2020 presidential election, the United States reentered the Paris Climate Agreement. Earlier this month, French MPs voted for a ban on domestic flights where the route can be travelled by direct train in under 2.5 hours. In Switzerland, an ambitious CO2 bill is currently facing a national referendum before it becomes law. Your vote has the power to bring about immense environmental change. Make it count.

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